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We had our two studio flats to let with another agent and we were so badly let down. They were empty for 16 months. Then we were introduced to Marc from HOUSES4RENT and in under two months you found tenants for both. During my stay In Cape Town from May to July I have had the pleasure of meeting the tenants too. These two gentleman are exemplary tenants and this must be because of your thorough screening. We are very appreciative and because we live in London we need the reassurance of someone we can trust. Thank you once again.

Peter Ringwald and Emelda van Schoor - UK

I gave Marc Lunau from HOUSES4RENT a call based on a recommendation. I can safely say that since then my life is much simpler in terms of managing my property. HOUSES4RENT has handled all matters from advice on renovations, sourcing a tenant to providing statements and updates on the condition of the house in a timely and very professional manner. The peace of mind offered by HOUSES4RENT guarantee against defaulting tenants is invaluable. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to property management I would recommend HOUSES4RENT.

Philip Green - UK

Dealing with Marc and HOUSES4RENT has proved to be efficient in every sense of the word - from acting speedily to securing the right person for our needs and only after thorough background research. Marc is also patient in explaining and clarifying how transactions and the management process works which is really appreciated by first time landlords.
Thank you

Claudette Browne Storrar

Marc has impressed me in the past with his diligence and well-developed work ethic. He has demonstrated a preparedness to go the extra mile in coming up with solutions to problems, and in implementing these solutions in a timely and effective manner

Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Jonathan Ipser - USA

My wife and I have had dealings with Marc from HOUSES4RENT (formerly Rent-Smart) since April 2007. We have a 3-bedroom property in Cape Town which Marc has managed since we moved to the UK. During the past years, we have found that Marc has dealt with a wide range of issues to do with the property very efficiently. He constantly kept us in touch with any updates or proposed actions and has quickly found us, new tenants, each time we needed (four times). He has consulted us before any decision has been made on repairs or rentals.

I have gone through my records and each time that the property has been listed, Marc has recommended a rental price based on market rates and we have agreed on the price before the property has been marketed. He has then also requested approval before proceeding with the price negotiated with a new tenant. In many cases, the initial market price recommended by Marc has been higher than what we expected the property could support.

He conducted regular inspections and made suggestions as to any improvements and repairs. We were very happy with the service he provided, especially as we were working with him from afar. He also dealt with a difficult eviction process for us, making that virtually pain-free and nearly cost-free on our side.

We certainly recommend HOUSE4RENT and can assure any prospective or current client that he is most scrupulous in communicating any issues and getting go-ahead before performing any required actions.

Bryan Dean - UK

Thank you for everything. Including all the good work you are doing with my tenant….
Looking forward to another great year with you!
Have a good long weekend if you should ever take one.

Sara Cohen

I have been impressed with Marc's consistent delivery of high-quality property management services. Marc is conscientious, well organised, flexible, and reliable. For a small fee, Marc offers guaranteed cash flow for a limited period which I have tested. In terms of communication, we use whatever is most effective to communicate such as email, mobile, Skype, etc. I have no reservations in recommending him. Thanks Marc."

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Bernard Haupt

As our almost 5 years together come to a temporary close, I feel I must write and thank you and commend you for being such an excellent caretaker of my Observatory property. There have been good tenants and bad tenants in the time you’ve been handling my property, but I would never have known, as always, the rental arrived like clockwork as well as a statement clearly documenting all expenditure. Particularly my rates bill which I never had to consider or factor into my monthly chores.

In addition to this another way, in which you made being a property owner so much more hassle-free, was the six-monthly routine inspection. This often resulted in required maintenance to be performed by a service provider you trust and the cost often deducted from the following month’s rental income. Once again ensuring the minimum of effort on my part.

All these services combined with your knowledge of the rental market, your proven trustworthiness, and your attention to detail make you a huge asset to any owner in the rental market.

My intention with this letter is to flatter you, to make you feel good. Because you have always made me feel good about leaving my property in your capable hands.

Sara B Cohen

Hi Marc

Thanks for the new lease way before the current one expired.

Thank you as well for all your assistance with the break-in and admin surrounding it. I know this is what I pay you for, and sometimes I think your rate is high. However, I know that I can trust you to do the job well. Situations like this year solidify your expertise, hard work and professionalism in our eyes. We appreciate it!

Riley Carpenter

I would just like to say that I appreciate having such a professional and diligent agent.

Glenda Williams

Hi Marc

Thanks so much for all your help over the last few years. It has been great having someone I can trust looking after the house. I believe you are now working with the new owners. The transfer has gone through, so am sadly saying goodbye to South Africa.


Marc from HOUSES4RENT managed my rental property in Observatory, Cape Town for eight years. He was extremely professional and made sure my property was rented out and properly maintained. He dealt with all maintenance requests, sourced contractors and found new tenants for me. I would highly recommend his services.

Georgina Enzer - UAE

Marc from HOUSES4RENT demonstrates a fast turnaround time and always sources great, trustworthy tenants through rigorous screening. He is extremely helpful and makes my life much easier managing my properties.

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Tracy Russouw

I am absolutely thrilled about the performance of HOUSES4RENT. Before I started to work together with HOUSES4RENT I had commissioned another company with the care of my house with 8 flats, but I was unhappy the whole time. I then started the cooperation with HOUSES4RENT in September 2014. From this moment on I found a partner who supports me with all my problems and ensures that all my rent incomes arrive at the right time.

I can say that the cooperation with HOUSES4RENT was one of my better decisions and I regret that I did not start the cooperation with HOUSES4RENT at the beginning of last year, but now I know that I have found the right partner.

Marco Zander - GERMANY

Marc from HOUSES4RENT has helped us as an agent to rent and manage our property while we were overseas for 5 years. He dealt with everything timeously and without complications or fuss for us. He ensured the house was always rented and maintained well. He also managed a very difficult situation with an eviction in a way that was stress and hassle-free for us. We definitely recommend HOUSES4RENT to other landlords needing value-added services.

Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Jane Commin - UK

I want to say how impressed I am with your professionalism and how pleased I am that I changed agents now. In respect to the outstanding rates inherited from the previous agent, I am happy to leave it to your discretion on the most acceptable way to pay off the arrears.
I am again very grateful for your efficient management.

I have been doing some work in SA recently but unfortunately, these have been flying visits to Johannesburg and Pretoria.  However, I am hoping to get down to Cape Town next trip so perhaps I could by buy you dinner as a thank you for your excellent service.

Peter Ship - UK & FRANCE

Since I started using Marc Lunau from HOUSES4RENT I don't have to worry about anything to do with my property rental.

It has been such a pleasure dealing with him. He sorts out everything and keeps you up to date from lost keys to midnight emergencies. I travel a lot and feel safe in doing so, knowing that Marc is taking care of my property.

I also don't have to worry about getting my rental income on time. It is always paid into my bank account on time. I love the fact that I don't have to deal with tenants myself anymore.  HOUSES4RENT will evict them for me if anything goes wrong.

HOUSES4RENT has made my life a lot easier.

Louisa Betteridge

Wonderful, professional service. I had complete trust in giving my property to HOUSES4RENT for rental management and the results were striking!
They secured my property for rental on short notice and my rental income is guaranteed on the agreed day of every month! I found it very easy to communicate with Marc even though I am in Johannesburg and he is Cape Town. He is very professional and listened very well to make a project go above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend his services to anyone interested in having their property treated as one of Marc's own investments. Thanks again Marc!

Nomcebo Buthelezi

I left South Africa five years ago, unfortunately in a rush so I had no definite rental agent for my little cottage.  I thank my lucky stars that Marc from HOUSES4RENT crossed my path and offered me the exceptional services he still delivers today.

What a pleasure to deal with Marc. He is diligent, knowledgeable, approachable and professional (a very rare find in Cape Town). I am both grateful and thankful that he is always thinking ahead and for having his guidance through sticky situations which are always appropriately dealt with in a quick and effective manner.

THANK YOU HOUSES4RENT for your exceptional service, professionalism and willingness to provide me with your expertise in the property arena.

I will recommend you without hesitation.  YOU’RE THE BEST OUT THERE!!!

Quineta Tucker - IRELAND

Dear Marc,

Another year has passed without any big problems, partly due to your continued good service in Cape Town. Thank you very much!

We would like to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. May the taps have water and the lights stay on.

Roy & Elke Marsden

Elke & Roy - NAM

I appreciate the way you work. Thank you so much for sorting everything out and using your own discretion, that is all good.

Once again thank you for keeping tabs on everything in regards to the running of my property.



That is fine, honestly, I just trust you to do what is best. 
Thank you for always being proactive.



I hope you realise that without you, I would have no longer owned this property.
It really is the truth and very honest. A lot of other immigrants sold their properties because of bad management and too many dramas.



As always, thank you for helping me to take care of the property, I really appreciate the way in which you communicate and help me to stay on top of things.



Just a big thanks for the good communication and the work you do. I hope you plan to stay in this business for a long time.

Annanda Visagie - NEW ZEALAND

Marc Lunau from HOUSES4RENT has been responsible for managing our house in Observatory since October 2009. We mainly hired him for finding a tenant and letting the property during times we are overseas. But Marc did far more. We are very happy that we have found him to manage our property.

After we left South Africa in 2005 a former friend of ours was looking after the house and rented it out. Unfortunately, things did not go well. Before we decided to hand over management to a professional, management of the property from overseas became more and more of a nightmare for us. Once the house was vacated by the former tenant we had to deal with huge rent arrears, unpaid city council invoices, and damaged property. The house was in such a bad condition that it required major renovations.

We contacted Marc when the former tenant was still in the house but refused to pay any rent. Marc accompanied us in the process of dealing with the tenant. He gave us advice, made pictures of the property, and voiced our interests to the tenants. Finally, we were enforced to employ a lawyer, but we had the peace of mind that everything possible was done to avoid the escalation. After the house was finally vacant Mr Lunau took over the responsibility of the property renovation. Before acting he always questioned us in detail to agree on the course of action and to consider special requests. Whenever possible we received at least two quotes from different companies. Prior to final payment, we received photos of all work done. Now we are happy that our property rented out again and we are certain that it is in good hands.

It is for us of great advantage that Marc makes use of modern means of communication like email, skype, and fax. He responds swiftly and with great care and represents our interests foresightedly and conscientiously. Thus we warmly recommend the outstanding property services of HOUSES4RENT.

Ralf Staudemayer - GERMANY
Marc and his Team from HOUSES4RENT have been managing my portfolio of houses for about 10 years. In all this time, I have come to know Marc as somebody who has a passion for his job. He manages each property as if it is his own. For that reason, he is completely trustworthy. I highly recommend his services. 
Craig Johnson - DK

I have used the services of Houses4Rent for two years. I appreciate the professional and ongoing engagement about the property. The focus on continuous communication ensures that I am kept up to date with the property and the tenant therein. Houses4Rent has continually evaluated the property and ensured everything is in working order. Excellent service.

Jason Le Grange

I went to two other rental agencies before I discovered Marc and David from HOUSES4RENT. The other two agencies were terrible! I am extremely happy with HOUSES4RENT. They are professional and always get back to me within 24 hours (most times a lot quicker than that). They deal with problems quickly and with minimal fuss for me. I have nothing negative to say only praises, so thank you very much for the fantastic service.  

Dominic Robson - GERMANY

It is a pleasure for me to offer a testimonial for services rendered by Marc Lunau from HOUSES4RENT, who was my rental agent for a house in Woodstock for many years until I sold the house.

I live and work overseas and it was a great relief to have such a reliable and efficient rental agent in Cape Town.

He saw to everything: keeping up-to-date with the rental market in the area, finding and vetting potential tenants, lease contracts, renewals, annual inspections, Cape Town City Council accounts.  When repairs were necessary, he sent me photos, organised quotes, and was willing to undertake project management. His communication was excellent.  Every month he emailed me a statement of account.

What more can you ask for?  I thank Marc for his excellent service and highly recommend him.

Norman Benjamin - FRANCE

Marc from HOUSES4RENT managed my rental property for the entire time I was out of the country. He did regular property checks, managed tenants and sorted bills and payments so everything happened on time every month. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks.

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Karen Wilmot - OMAN

I, Etienne Volker, was introduced to HOUSES4RENT and more specifically Marc Lunau three years ago as an alternative way to manage three rental properties that I co-own.

From the outset, it seemed an expensive option and after a few months hesitation, I reluctantly agreed to the terms and conditions. I have to add that at that stage a previous tenant had been in default for a couple of months and finally just disappeared one night. Financially the property did not make sense.

Under the guidance of Marc and adhering to his instructions on how to present the property to attract the right tenant and countless emails and phone calls from him we managed to start turning the property around to a viable proposition.

This process was painful and occurred during a cycle of very high-interest rates. The process followed by Marc is sophisticated and I was constantly engaged in the decision-making process. Any change of tenant or lease renewal was first presented and I had to give my consent before Marc would implement it. In a way, I was forced to still be actively involved in many aspects of the management of the properties.

When the unthinkable happened and one tenant defaulted due to a move to another city one month after renewal same lease for a further six months I started to panic. Fortunately, the built-in rental guarantee kicked in and although the unit was vacant for two months I was still paid the full rental and had no loss of income.

I would recommend Marc from HOUSES4RENT to any smart property investor. At least now I can call myself a smart investor. Marc has his fingers on the pulse and I can look forward to having my fingers on the returns of my investment.

Three years later all costs relating to the property including Marc's fees are covered by the rental income. To be in this cash-positive situation during the recession is only due to the diligent way in which the property was and is managed by Marc from HOUSES4RENT and the protection and peace of mind they offer.

Thank you Marc for all the effort.

Etienne Volker

I bought an auction property unseen (!) in Wynberg in 2011, and from day 1 Marc and his team from HOUSES4RENT was on it as rental agents. We went through difficult tenants and Body Corporates, new developments springing up around us, but Marc tenaciously kept us going.

He informs me about issues when needed, but always has my back. We share the same philosophy – his long term success is my long-term success, and vice versa. I cannot recommend Marc and HOUSES4RENT strongly enough”.

Arnold Mulder

This is to testify that we have worked with Marc Lunau from HOUSES4RENT as a rental agent for more than 2 years. We have been pleased with Marc's performance after having made rather difficult experiences with previous agents. With Marc we have found that he keeps in touch and contacts us when something is happening at our property. He also sends us regular statements and updates and clearly keeps an eye on maintenance issues at the property, which we find of great value.

Where a previous agent had not found a tenant for our property in 3 months, Marc managed to find one within 10 days.

For us the most important thing about an agent is that we have a sense that someone is keeping an eye on the situation, develops a relationship and keeps in touch with the tenants regularly and conveys to us what the situation is on a regular basis. This makes us feel at ease. The other great benefit of the HOUSES4RENT is that potential rent losses are covered for 3 months if a tenant defaults and that HOUSES4RENT deals with evictions for free, which can be a nightmare and we also had previous experiences in this area.

We recommend HOUSES4RENT if you have a property in Cape Town and live overseas like we do.

Undine and Webster Whande - GERMANY, now RSA

Thank you for excellent management throughout the years. I will certainly be in touch again for your letting services for a third time should we become proud 2nd home owners again in the future. 

Bianca Kaiser

There was a lot of turmoil and preparation to be done when packing up my life in South Africa to move to the UK. The question of what to do with my property was in the top list of my concerns about moving. HOUSES4RENT was the only rental agency I contacted, and for good reason. Their helpful advice and their prompt service secured me a tenant in record time. I now reside in the UK and I continue to be impressed by HOUSES4RENT's professional service. Without fail, on the agreed day of every month the rent is deposited into my bank account, giving me great peace of mind while staying abroad. I can highly recommend HOUSES4RENT to anyone. They have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I've been most impressed with their services.

Stuart White - UK

My wife and I are first-time homeowners and we're now currently living abroad. At first, we thought paying the agency fee was going to simply drain any profitability we'd make on our investment, but having a personal contact like Marc from HOUSES4RENT has proved invaluable to us.

He's organised, honest, and works hard to grow his reputation. Countless problems have been smoothed over. Inevitable problem emails regarding tenants, admin, or maintenance work that needs doing always end with what his solution to them will be.

Examples include a long dreary email battle he fought on our behalf with the local council and a long-term accounting error he personally rectified resulting in savings we might well have not noticed.

HOUSES4RENT is a safe pair of hands, worth every penny for complete peace of mind.

Rick Siedle - UK

Marc Lunau from HOUSES4RENT has managed my property in Observatory for the past 5 years now. Marc always informs me about renewals, new tenants, and rent increases amounts well ahead of time.
He has never marketed my property without my consent. I always know what I am paying for, when, well ahead of time and when a transaction will take place, so I can budget for it.
I have a fully furnished apartment and HOUSES4RENT always does the inventory, checks out if any repair work, painting, etc needs to be done, and always has suggestions and solutions.
I travel a lot so this service is fantastic for me, because he sorts everything out for me, always quotes first, and gets it done.
The service I get from Marc goes beyond what I get from other agencies. I never worry about anything, because I know he will go out of his way to take care of it. And believe me, I have had late night calls because the electric gate is not working and he is on it!

Louisa Betteridge

Time is almost over for our current interaction as transfer is imminent. I'd like to say thanks for taking care of my flat and for all the times HOUSES4RENT went the extra mile for me and the tenants. As you know I did not love the place, but since you handled everything for me almost made me think that I had neither flat nor tenant.

Greetings for a successful and everything-goes-right-for-you in the new year.

Carol Bisset

Many thanks, Marc. It was real pleasure doing business with you & your company Houses4Rent. I will definitely consider engaging in with you in the future as well refer your services

Rob Jones

Marc Lunau from HOUSES4RENT has been the rental agent for my property in Observatory, Cape Town since February 2007. He has been unusually diligent in ensuring that my property is well-cared for and in obtaining the best possible secure rentals. He has always consulted with me 2 months before the end of the lease to find out whether I wish to renew the lease and to advise on increasing the rental and improvements to the property if the tenants decline renewal. He is very particular about ensuring that new tenants can afford the rental and in fact guarantees the rent to me.

Colleen Flanagan

Marc from Houses4Rent is the rental agent for my second property. Not only do I get more money out after his commission than I would have had I rented it myself, but I hardly ever have to think about the property. Marc takes care of everything. I just get emails from time to time asking for the go-ahead to take the necessary action for maintenance of the house. A great service.

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Simon van Gend

I was "burned" badly by my former rental agent and afterwards struggled to find a far more professional agent I could trust with my house in Cape Town. I was relieved to come across HOUSES4RENT, who haven't disappointed. Clear paperwork and attractive policies for landlords, switched-on use of online marketing channels to advertise my property, as well as good communication and efficient service on the monthly admin side.

Marc Lunau, my agent, has been very proactive and helpful throughout and even went above and beyond the call of duty helping me to get the house back in rentable shape (after the mismanaged fiasco I inherited at the hands of my previous agent), finishing off the final issues with the house after I returned to the UK, where I'm based. With me so far away geographically, it's a big relief to know that - finally - my house is in very good hands.

Lucy Warren - UK

I am really glad that I decided to use HOUSES4RENT. Basically, I'm getting more out each month than I would have if I'd followed the local estate agent's recommendations on how much to charge. Plus I never have to think about the property, unless something needs attending to, in which case HOUSES4RENT emails a quote for me to consent to his choice of plumber/builder/handyman. After that, the problem is sorted with no stress from my side.

The rent always appears in my account on time, and, because HOUSES4RENT is very picky about tenants, plus the fact that HOUSES4RENT guarantees 3 months' rent if the tenant defaults, in which case they take care of evictions, lawyer, etc. I never have to worry about dodgy tenants. In fact, I hardly ever have to think about the property at all. Great!

Simon van Gend

Over the years Marc from HOUSES4RENT has consistently delivered high quality property management services with great professionalism. He is been the most responsive, conscientious and reliable rental agent I have had, with attention to detail and respect for my property. Our communication has mostly been internet-based, which has worked very well as I am travelling a lot.

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Michelle Parlevliet - NETHERLANDS
Marc from HOUSES4RENT is our Rental Agent for many years and through hard work has found us lately a new tenant in a very short time. We find his approach always highly professional with special attention to details.
In the long run this is beneficial for tenants and lessor. We're pleased that we can use his services and wish him and his team lots of success for the future.


Ida & Heiner, Cape Town

Marc from HOUSES4RENT has managed our property for 3 years for us while we were overseas and I can only recommend his service. He found us fantastic tenants and we had no issues whatsoever.

Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Bianca Kaiser - UK

I found Marc Lunau to be professional and efficient from the very beginning. Marc found a tenant for my property in less than 14 days and even had the property rented from mid-month! HOUSES4RENT has taken the hassle out of property rental and management for me.
Marc shows initiative and consistently sorts out minor issues that come with renting a property. The billing process is done electronically and is totally transparent. I wholeheartedly recommend Marc and HOUSES4RENT so much so that I am confident in leaving my property in his capable hands while I am based overseas.

Morgan Commins

Marc from HOUSES4RENT rented out our residential property several times for us. In short, he is skilled at negotiation and exceptionally thorough. We also appreciated
the way he took control of repair work when the geyser popped and saw it through to completion.

Overall, you really couldn't ask for more from a rental agent.

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)

Andrew Foye

Marc from HOUSES4RENT has consistently proven to be reliable and thorough in the way he had dealt with issues with regard to our property. More importantly he has always ensured we have a tenant.

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Stuart Dumville

Dealing with Marc Lunau at HOUSES4RENT has been an absolute pleasure.  Marc is really helpful, dependable and efficient.  I would recommend Marc to any landlord who needs a professional hand.

Philip Olivier - UK

Whilst in the process of completing an investment purchase from overseas, a family member suggested that we engage Marc from HOUSES$RENT to be our letting agent - we are extremely pleased that we followed her recommendation.
Just prior to completion of the sale, Marc visited the property in order to take photos for his rental website. Once it became apparent that it wasn’t in as a good a condition as we had been led to believe by the selling agent, Marc got straight on the phone to us and e-mailed over about 30 photos showing the state of the “new flat” we had bought.
We had to put the sale on hold while Marc sorted out the repairs & redecoration and supervised replacement carpets & bath. His actions saved us an enormous amount of hassle and also the considerable expense of flights back to Cape Town. The particularly impressive thing is that Marc did all of this before we had even signed the mandate to appoint him as our agent.
Since then Marc has found us very nice tenants and done an excellent job regarding the ongoing management. In short Marc from HOUSES4RENT is extremely efficient, thorough & trustworthy and an excellent communicator. By a considerable margin he is the best agent we have ever had - in fact, by our calculations he has saved us in the region of R100k. We would therefore have absolutely no hesitation in recommending HOUSES4RENT to anybody.

Zeenit and Alex - SINGAPORE, now UK

I am sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. Thanks for staying on top of this. I appreciate your work managing my flat.  

Guy Spencer - USA

Glad to hear from you, Marc, and the current situation of tenant's renewal request. Please go ahead and renew the lease.

Thanks for the excellent service you are rendering.

Nathan Peake

Marc from HOUSES4RENT manages a property I co-own. He has been a pleasure to work with from the word go. His services effectively remove the burden of having to deal with tenants and maintenance and he brings an in-depth knowledge of the industry which adds peace of mind. I like that he is a smaller operator and therefore the service is more personal. I especially like that he guarantees three months of rent should the tenant default and does evictions for free which is a great value add.

Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Jane Notten

The first one or two meetings that I had with Marc from HOUSES4RENT were undoubtedly tainted with skepticism. In the past, I haven't had very positive dealings with estate agents and as a result, even decent ones like Marc get tarred with the same brush. Within two weeks that prejudice wasn't only reversed but was also boosted to a very positive level.

Through the experience that spans many years, one develops this picture that estate and rental agents are big on talk and small on delivery. This preconception was again validated by the other agents that I dealt with when I decided to find new tenants for my Victorian cottage in Woodstock at the end of 2007.

Two representatives from prominent estate agents in the City Bowl made huge promises about securing tenants in a flash. But I was quickly disappointed when neither seemed to follow their word up with any subsequent effort.

At the same time, I contacted Marc from HOUSES4RENT, who I was told was not an estate agent, but actually specialized in property rentals. Marc's talk was also big, like the previous agents'. The only difference is that after two weeks there had been close to thirty prospective feet over my threshold and I held a signed lease contract in my hands with a very good rental amount. The other agents hadn't even brought any prospective tenants to view the property and were forever coming up with excuses.

I can't promise HOUSES4RENT will always find tenants equally fast. What I can however vouch for is their extremely positive service levels, consistent professionalism, and delivery that is even bigger than their talk.

JD van Zyl - UK

Marc has proven himself to be a level headed person, very business orientated and a successful business owner. I would recommend him to anyone who needs advice and his service with property matters.

Marlies Vos, Marlies Vos Properties

Services rendered at my student guest house from HOUSES4RENT

Thank you very much for the excellent service provided by you as well as your willingness to go the extra mile. To date, of all the renting agents I have dealt with during the ten years I have rented out my house, HOUSES4RENT has certainly proved to be the most diligent, proactive, reliable and with an attention to detail that is exemplary. Your sincere concern for ensuring that your clients are satisfied and their needs are prioritized has been evident in all our interaction. Given your dedication and commitment I trust HOUSES4RENT will grow from strength to strength. Everything of the very best with HOUSES4RENT's growth.

Hudson McComb

Managing a property investment from overseas brings about numerous
difficulties, most notably the loss of direct control. But in Marc from HOUSES4RENT I've
found the comfort in having a fellow property investor managing mine - personally! Further he's conscientious and communicates well and regularly about the property.

Julrich Kieffer - AUSTRALIA

I have been using Marc from HOUSES4RENT for some years as rental agent for one of my properties and have found the experience to be very different to any other agent I have worked with. He has a no-nonsense approach to getting things done and has made it a pleasure to be a landlord once again. Besides that, the rental guarantee HOUSES4RENT offers really sets my mind at ease. I will be moving my other properties over to HOUSES4RENT when the leases expire and have recommended Marc to many people and will continue to do so.

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Richard Le Mesurier

I met Marc from HOUSES4RENT in August 2009 when I needed an agent to help me rent out my property in Woodstock, Cape Town. I was impressed by Marc's professional approach and his understanding of my needs as a landlord. This is because he is an investor himself.

Since my property has been occupied throughout, net rental payments have been made always on time and in full and he did not hesitate to contact me to discuss any problems that arise.

Marc has found the balance between advocating for the rights and needs of the tenant, including a reasonable market-related rent, and the requirement of the landlord to have their investment well taken care of. I would advise anybody that needed help in the residential rental market to contact Marc from HOUSES4RENT.

Frans Oosthuizen - CONGO & FRANCE

Marc has provided exemplary service for me at both RENT-SMART and HOUSES4RENT. He has given me complete peace of mind and reduced my involvement in the property to next to zero. His deep knowledge of the rental business and forthright opinion make any decision-making matters very simple. His attention to detail and proactive nature has on more than one occasion prevented issues from running too long or becoming serious. Any issues that have cropped up have been dealt with effectively and economically. I look forward to using Marc's services in the future and would not hesitate to recommend HOUSES4RENT to anyone looking for effective management of their properties.

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Philip Green - UK

Marc has been absolutely great to work with. As a landlord one needs someone to depend on. I would recommend Marc to anyone.

First year hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Philip Olivier (UK)

I have made use of Marc's services from HOUSES4RENT since 2011 and can recommend him and his team for residential property management work.  If I had to make the original decision again today, my choice would be the same.

Christo Steyn

Great overall service delivery. Thanks a lot, Marc

Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Lev Binkowski

Marc and his team from HOUSES4RENT offer a professional service that we can rely on. We have 'peace of mind' knowing that our property in Cape Town is in very capable hands.

Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Vina Naidoo

Thanks for the good work, Marc.

Marc Lunau is an excellent Property Manager. We had some particularly challenging scenarios to deal with and his sensible and systematic approach was key in resolving problems. What I appreciated most about Marc was his reliability. Marc follows through on his commitments and provides sound advice while looking after administrative components with clarity and precision. I can highly recommend Marc from HOUSES4RENT.


Marc Lunau (Houses4Rent) has been managing our property for around a year now. We have found his diligence and thoroughness very impressive. He goes to great efforts to save us time and money. He oversees every aspect of the rental, including maintenance and repairs and provides precise and plentiful information about any problems. We have great confidence that Houses4Rent will represent our interests, and the welfare of our tenants, very effectively. We would recommend his services to anyone planning to let their properties without hesitation.

Andrew Marquard
R 8700 p/m


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