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Having dealt with numerous other agencies, I can honestly say that HOUSES4RENT offers a service one does not easily find as a tenant. Marc and his team treat their tenants with respect, consideration and a high degree of professionalism. They are open and honest in their communication, and in the three years we have dealt with them, there has never been any problems.

Inspections are done regularly, with ample prior notification and with respect for their tenants’ privacy. Their contractors’ maintenance work is of a high standard and the team is so trustworthy that we felt comfortable enough to give them the keys to the house and go about our day. I can highly recommend HOUSES4RENT to anyone looking to rent a property.

Nicoline Anker

I want to say Thank You for all the trouble you went through. Just after I send you the e-mail, I ha've confirmed a place with another agent. You have no idea how grateful I am to HOUSES4RENT. We haven't met and yet people are still so willing and friendly when I needed help. George is an old-fashioned town and people here always say city people only do things that are beneficial to themselves, but now I know that is not true at all for HOUSES4RENT. Anyway, I want to say thank you again.

Lisa Yao

Marc, we have found a place now, thanks you very much for your services. I will definitely recommend you.
Khalil Haddad

Khalil Haddad
I'm happy to announce that we bought a property and our bond got approved. As previously discussed, we giving our 3 months notice which starts from 1st April 2022 to 30 June 2022.
It's been a real blessing renting from HOUSES$RENT, as you guys are very responsive and always sort out any issues in no time, I will definitely recommend y'all to everyone I might encounter down the line.
Vincent & Stephanie

Thank you for all your advice during my initial stages of inquiry, it was greatly appreciated. If at any stage I do need to look for accommodation again I will most certainly contact you again.

Anthonise van der Lilly

Thanks so much. During our lease period I have learnt that you are fair and very helpful. I hope we can work together again in the future. Also say thanks to Liezel from your service provider who acted promptly.

Gerrit van Heerden

Thank you, Marc, prompt and excellent as always.
The proof of residence letter would be much appreciated.

Jocelyn Park Ross

I would just like to say what a pleasure it has been to deal with you and Karabo.

Best wishes


Thanks for this, Marc. It is really helpful to know that you are there to help. Searching the internet in your own does not get you very far.

Nicola Raubenheimer

Thanks for sending the viewing dates to us every week. We appreciate the effort you have made to accommodate us and to help us with the viewing of properties in your area. We have however found a place and do not need the weekly list anymore.
Thank you kindly.

Ina Hoffman

Thanks so much for helping us find and secure our lovely apartment! The service of HOUSES4RENT has been exceptional. We cannot wait to move in.

Danelle Milward

Of all the agencies I’ve been in touch with over the past few months – you are without a doubt the most efficient & for that I thank you!

Sally Lombaert

My husband and I would like to thank Marc Lunau and his team at HOUSES4RENT for their outstanding service and professionalism during our 6-year lease period with their agency,

I would highly recommend HOUSES4RENT. You guys are the best, keep up the good work!!!

Hayley Christians

I don't normally do this, but I just had such a fantastic experience with HOUSES4RENT when trying to find a bigger home, that I just had to circulate the news.

Marc from HOUSES4RENT was super-fast, efficient, flexible, and also most importantly, WITH SO MUCH HEART!!!! He went over and above to make arrangements for me and my family. I am sure he will same for you too.

Lyneve Pieterse

Thanks Marc,
you give excellent service with HOUSES4RENT. I have decided not to apply this time, but would be very happy to recommend both the flat and yourself if anybody asks me.

Henri Laurie

I would like to use the opportunity to thank you and the entire HOUSES4RENT team for the excellent service I have received right from the start.

Estelle Burger

Thanks for your prompt response, Marc. I am really impressed with your swift communication to your clients. I have never had a rental agent that works this hands on. Its refreshing to see.

Dawie Vervey

Linda is shortly completing her degree and they have decided to look for a bigger place in a different area. We thank you for your excellent, efficient, and caring service over the past years and wish you ongoing success in your career.

Geraldine for Kego & Linda

Thank you for your emails.  We are no longer looking for a house to rent so you can take us off your list.

Thank you for your efforts, it is appreciated. Best wishes

Hildegarde v.d, Merwe

Thanks so much for being so kind to us, your clients. I would like let you know that I already found something by now. If I need to move to another place, I will let you know ASAP. Once again thank you for you and all your team.

Jean R.K.

Thanks so much for your emails. I'd like to compliment you on your professionalism and also thank you for taking the time to get back to me in such a personalised manner. We've been looking for a flat for a while and some agencies are shocking.

I will definitely refer all my friends, who will be looking for a home for next year, to HOUSES4RENT.

Siobhan Zurnamer

Thank you for the information, Marc.

I however have just found a new place. Could you kindly remove my email address from your email lists.

Yours assistance is greatly appreciated and will definitely look to Houses4Rent in the future.


Thank you so much for your assistance and patience with this process.
I really appreciate it.


Hi Marc

Unfortunately, my father decided not to take the house you went the extra mile for to make it happen on short notice. May you get a tenant for that place ASAP. You've been so kind and helpful, I really can't imagine a better agent.

Diana Murote

Thank you for your services. We have found appropriate dwelling, so will not be needing your notice of available properties at the moment.
I will certainly keep you in mind for the future or for friends and colleagues.

Anette Young

Thank you for your updates and assistance. I have finally found an apartment and therefore have stopped looking.
Let me add that I found your updates to be efficient and extremely hassle free so keep up the good work.

Rutendo Hadebe

I am now all sorted on rental property, thanks for your help. Could you please take me off the mailing list for now? In future I will refer people to your site.

Kevin Gannon

We were initially interested in the house in Woodstock. Thank you so much Marc for the update, but we have now found a house. I will be sure to recommend your services to any friends who might be house hunting in the future though.

William Prinsloo

Thank you for your mails and wonderfully organised system! I just want to let you know that we have purchased a property and are no longer looking.

Dagmar Artz

I have found accommodation and therefore request to be removed your current e-mail list. Thank you for a very professional service. I will surely recommend and use your services in the future!

Eloise Fortune

I would like to thank you for the professional and efficient way in which you helped me to find a house. Unfortunately, I have found a place right by the university that currently suits all my needs. But at the beginning of next year, I will be calling you again about a house. I hope you are able to fill both houses I saw. Go well and we will speak soon.

Jannous Aukema

Just wanted to take the time to say. Thank you for the excellent service your agent Jane Wolff has been providing. She is ever so efficient, on the ball and quick to respond and take care of issues regarding the property I'm now renting. It is truly refreshing to deal with such a conscientious person who is not only good at her Job but cares for the people involved.

Bonnie Henna

I have known Marc Lunau from HOUSES4RENT since April 2009. I met him shortly after relocating to Cape Town from Johannesburg, whilst attempting to secure accommodation through his agency HOUSES4RENT. Marc impressed me with his professionalism, punctuality and prompt execution of commitments whether in person, telephonically or via email – which is a significant advantage for any young professional. All of my interactions with Marc, from the interpersonal to the legal and financial, have been seamless and hassle free. It has been a true pleasure working with Marc and he has set a very high standard against which to measure his peers.

Nokukhanya Mncwabe

I really appreciate all your emails and help, never have I ever seen an estate agent following up so regularly and doing their job so well. I have found a place to stay yesterday. Thank you

Margot van Zyl

Thanks so much for your diligent follow up and information. Both our kids have now found accommodation, so you can please remove our address from your mailing list. We will continue to recommend HOUSES4RENT to people we know who are looking for rent (or rent out) accommodation.

Zoe Propert

You know what - I have to say you are such a cool agent - you are relaxed, actually look like you care about your tenants and potential tenants, give proper information about everything and go through the effort by communicating properly.

Thanks for that, it's rare to come by and really appreciated!


I also just wanted to express to you how great it was dealing with you and HOUSES4RENT. I found your service very professional and friendly, with very prompt responses to all my communications. In my search for a new home I have dealt with what feels like hundreds of agents and the service I received from them did not come anywhere close to HOUSES4RENT. I will be happily recommending you to any prospective tenants and landlords that I come across.

Catherine Brown

I just wanted to confirm that I have now finally found a new home so you do not have to help me anymore. Thank you so much for your generous assistance and support over the past year whilst I was renting from you. Its deeply appreciated. I wish you all of the best in the coming years with both your work and your family.
Take care

Nokukhanya Mncwabe
R 7200 p/m


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